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About Us

About Ark-La-Tex Health Center's "OccMed program"

Ark-La-Tex OccMed is truly your one stop shop for any occupational health need in Texarkana. We are excited to serve you and our community, come on by today. Learn more about out OccMed program here!

“We know your time is valuable, so we make all our services as quick and affordable as possible – we always take walk-ins too!” – Dr. Raker

Dr. Paula Harris

About Dr. James Raker

Dr. James Raker DC, FADP, CME, CWP is CEO of OccMed For DCs, has 30 years private practice including Occupational Health with several companies in the Texarkana area.

Reduced recordable injuries of Lear Siegler Inc (a URS subsidiary with 1100 employees) by 75% over 2 years. From an 17.9 to an .85 for five years.

Has been doing DOT work for over 20 years, was one of the first doctors in the country to pass the DOT certification and become a Certified Medical Examiner through FMCSA for the Department of Transportation of the US government, and has been teaching Occupational Medicine services since 2012. Has lectured in AR, TX, IL, SC, CA, FL, NJ, CT, and OH. 

Providing OccMed services for companies, he has provided 500 drug tests in a single day, and 75 hearing tests in a single day.

He became a Certified Wellness Instructor by the Foundation for Wellness Professionals on July of 2014. He started the OccMed For DCs training program in 2015.

Dr. Raker was issued a License by the Arkansas State Athletic Commission to be a ring doctor for professional boxing matches in 2010 and presided over greater than 400 boxing matches.

About Matthew Brandon

Matthew Brandon, RN, MSN, APRN is the Nurse Practitioner at Ark-La-Tex OccMed Health Center. 

Matthew Brandon grew up in Texarkana and received his Master’s Degree in Science of Nursing-FNP at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2014. 

Mr. Brandon has over 28 years of nursing experience with several medical centers in Texarkana as the Registered Nurse Case Manager and Director of Nursing.

He has been with Ark-La-Tex for the past 8 years as the Nurse Practitioner.

About Ark-La-Tex OccMed

One-Stop Shop

We have all of your occupational health needs covered. From DOT required physicals or drug tests, to DNA swabs, we have what you need!

Reduce Recordable Injuries

Our goal is to reduce the amount of recordable Workers Compensation injury rates. We accomplish this through education and thorough OccMed testing and exams.

Affordable and Accessible

We offer affordable rates for all 25 of our OccMed services. Also, learn more about joining our Consortium and ask about our group discount!
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